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Silver Brush - Monza Short Angle 2633S

Silver Brush - Monza Short Angle 2633S

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     2633S-Short Angle 1/8
     2633S-Short Angle 1/4
     2633S-Short Angle 3/8
     2633S-Short Angle 1/2
  • ANGLE ARTIST BRUSH: Our angular paintbrushes are superior tools to use when creating sharp edges that need precision. Design elaborate floral paintings or scenes with tight corners. Short-handled art brushes are ideal for tabletop painting.
  • MONZA ART BRUSHES: Each brush in our Monza line is designed with synthetic fiber tips that imitate the spring and bounce of mongoose hair. Their durability and firmness are excellent for blending, double-loading, and details that need control.
  • MATERIALS: Our Monza professional artist brushes are expertly crafted with synthetic mongoose filament and are fit for many painting surfaces. Each brush has a short wooden handle and a painting tip that stays completely pointed, even when wet.
  • PAINTS: Each Monza synthetic brush can be paired with heavy-bodied acrylic or oil paint. These professional paintbrushes also work well with watercolor paints, proving that they are extremely versatile. Enjoy the smooth, colorful strokes.

Use these synthetic mongoose brushes with oil, acrylic, and water-mixable oil colors. Short handled Monza bristles are ideal for blending and offer the artist precision control. 

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