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Mona Lisa Artists' Materials

Fluid 100™ Hot Press Finish Watercolor Blocks (140lb) (5 Sizes)

Fluid 100™ Hot Press Finish Watercolor Blocks (140lb) (5 Sizes)

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A premium quality, durable, and cost-effective hot press watercolor paper.

Crafted in small-batches in Europe, Fluid 100 watercolor papers are produced at slow speeds for precise control, resulting in a stronger, premium quality paper.

This selection of Fluid 100 blocks offers a completely unique "Easy-Block" binding method that provides the artist the chance to use it as a block or a pad. Paint directly onto the block without having to wet or stretch the paper. Once your painting is complete it can easily be separated from the block to reveal a fresh sheet underneath. 

Product Details:

  • Archival/Acid-Free
  • Hot Press
  • Gelatin-Sized
  • 100% Cotton
  • 140lb (300gsm) Sheets
  • 15 Sheets Per Block
  • Best used for watercolor painting

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