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Mona Lisa Artists' Materials

Heinz Jordan Series 12 Fan Paint Brushes

Heinz Jordan Series 12 Fan Paint Brushes

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HJ's Finest Hog Bristle are our top quality hog bristle available. Made using the "Neributa" technique which means kneaded hog bristles in Japanese where only the finest Chungking hog bristles are used for production. This method has been developed for more than 40 years by Japanese Artisans who possess superb brush making skills. It has been reigning as the top quality hog brush in the world. Cream coloured, not bleached or boiled, this top line offers a naturally flagged, memory shape interlocked construction that brings the brush back to the original shape after use.

Product Details:

  • Long Handle
  • Appropriate Media: Acrylic Paint and Oil Paint

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