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Liquitex Professional Gold Metallic Medium (237ml)

Liquitex Professional Gold Metallic Medium (237ml)

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Liquitex Gold Metallic Medium allows you to add a lustrous golden quality to your acrylic color without affecting its acrylic stability or performance

Key Features:

  • Gives acrylic color a metallic gold effect
  • Adds gold surface highlights when used straight from the bottle
  • Extends your color without affecting acrylic stability
  • Slows drying time to help you get more subtle color blends
  • Lowers the viscosity of heavier body paints

How to Use:

  • Use with any thickness of paint – just mix as much as you like into your color to custom create the metallic effect and viscosity you want
  • Slowly stir as much as you like into acrylic color to get the metallic luster and viscosity you want - transparent colors give the best results
  • Squeeze from the bottle and paint on neat for a semi-opaque gold effect for surface highlights
  • Compatible with all Liquitex products
  • Makes thicker body paints more flowing and slows drying time so you can create more subtle color blends and work it for longer

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