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Mona Lisa Artists' Materials

Sakura SumoGrip® Eraser

Sakura SumoGrip® Eraser

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Sakura’s SumoGrip® Eraser series features microporous foam technology to remove graphite marks from paper surfaces for artists, students and architects. SumoGrip Erasers are composed of net-like cells that pick up graphite marks and erases better across the surface. Reticulated open-cell foam works like ultra-¬fine sandpaper to get into the small grooves and pits of the paper surface. 

Combining the Sakura Foam W™ Eraser with a former hybrid-matrix formula, the SumoGrip Eraser requires minimal pressure to remove graphite lead from B to 2H degrees. The new foam technology of SumoGrip erasers vastly improves the pick-up of micro-graphite particles from paper substrates that white PVC erasers leave behind.

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